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Woodford Halse Junior Cricket in conjunction with the ECB are running Dynamos


This provides the next step for both boys and girls graduating from All Stars and is the perfect introduction for all 8-11 year olds new to the sport

The emphasis is on developing fundamental movement skils and applying these in an exciting game of countdown cricket

Dynamos provides children with a more social offering via the app and exclusive acsess to the Topps Cricket attax cards

Games are played with a wooden bat and plastic ball so no outher protective equipmnet is required

Training takes the form of short warm up followed by skill building with the emphasis on fun. We use a combination of games and training to work on areas including hand eye coordination, throwing and fitness.

We try and finish the sessions with a game of Count down cricket incorporating all the skills we have learnt in that session

All participants will need to regester through the ECB Dynamos web portal to be able to recive thier New Balance personalised t shirt with ther name and number, acsess to the Dynamos app and at the end of each session one pack of Topps Cricket attax cards 


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